THE LONDON CARGOBIKE COMPANY is here to help get more families, individuals and business' using cargo or freight bicycles to move stuff, people and pets in and around our communities.

Whats a cargobike?

It's simply a bicycle specially designed or adapted to efficiently accommodate heavy and bulky loads without significant compromise to the machines speed and handling characteristics. Cargobikes or cargotrikes (3 wheelers) have been used for around 100 years, seeing widespread use in industry and commerce as delivery vehicles (e.g. in the postal services, grocery deliveries and in construction).

Why use cargobikes instead of cars, vans, motorcycles or horses?

For billions of people the bicycle already serves as the most practical form of daily transportation. A bike gets you through congested cities faster than other modes of transport. A bicycle doesn't need fuel other than your own 'steam' and so in use it doesn't pollute. They are relatively simple to maintain, modify and park. They aren't subject to tax to maintain roads since they don't damage them and because they don't cause jams there is no congestion charge to pay. No mandatory insurance is needed and you aren't required to pass a test to ride them. Bicycles and freedom have plenty in common and when you add the capability to move 100+kg to the equation you can begin to understand why thousands have already chosen these vehicles for the school run, to deliver goods and mail or help build a mobile business.

What's stopping you? MOVE MORE BY BIKE!

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